WEB737 We Make Websites… Call 0208 591 3287                                          07747 129 195 Frequently Asked Questions WHAT IS HOSTING ?   …. The space your website is using on internet  WHAT IS A DOMAIN ?   …. Your website name  eg www.fred.co.uk Can I …… for most websites this is £55 the amount will be on the hand over documents posted to you,  Our system accepts all card and paypal payments Via Paypal Bank Safe and secure worldwide ….
Customer Tech Support - Websites can be found on …… Transfer

You can at any time transfer to another web service provider or web designer,  we dont mind - call us Your website belongs to  you … not us  For .co.uk websites its easy and fast For .com its a little harder and there maybe time and date restrictions If you transfer then you contact  your new service provider for all problems and facilities We need permission from you direct  - We need details from your new service transfer is a final step ….

When your website goes online we register you with these services Some people think you have to search for a website thats not how internet works Simply type the website into the top line of your browser and enter - dial direct…. like you use a phone  The website www.fredshop.co.uk the name is where it is located you dont have to search for it