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Deal Direct We are not an agency, that only takes your money and sells your project to somebody else or gets someone in India to make your website we do all the work and complete your project. We offer the full service. It means that we are with you from the beginning and as your website goes live.

We think about accessibility.
We never forget about people with disabilities so we always make sure that a website is simple and easy to use

Our long term customers Get the best deals and upgrade options  

Customer Care Program We always stay in contact with our clients and provide support ...

A Website - Can make your Business happen ! FAQ Doris for most websites this is £55 the amount will be on the hand over documents posted to you,  But this depends on the maintenance costs of your website  Our system accepts all card and paypal payments Via Paypal Bank Safe and secure worldwide …. Renew

How do I start ?………. Plan a rough idea of what you want - call us

What is Search Engine optimisation …. Making sure your website can be

seen by Google yahoo and Bing this comes free with your website anyway

…. some website companies make things complicated then blind you with science

then send you a big bill and an office and shirts and ties

I dont understand all this technology ! - You dont need to thats our job

Does my website come with E mail Address … Yes or use your own

Can I upgrade ? … Call us

Do I get a receipt ! - Yes every time - we give our customers documents as well

What about my own pictures - we can put them on your website - easy !

Will my website be politically correct … yes fully balanced and level  

How can I make my website work better … keep it warm at all times or call us

Are there ongoing Costs .. Domain renewal and Hosting after 1 year, its not expensive

What is hosting - The internet space where your website lives if you dont pay this your website will be evicted and homeless  

Can I add Pages later ? ..Yes buy them  

How fast can I be online - one of our customers had a 5 page website with 30 pictures online within 1 hour

- they were very Pleased, impressed and surprised ….. and so was we

Can I have online card payments ? … Yes

What if I cant Afford very much ? - Dont worry we can save you loads-a money  …see our websites and money saving tips

Do websites breakdown ? - some times…. its our job to fix them anyway ……you can get electric glue y

Legal …..we display your trading address on your website - thats the law …you can buy an office address service  

Questions ? Call and ask

What if people call me and ask for money ?   That might be ok tell them theres a service charge a permit charge VAT ( Very Attractive terms )  invoice charges overtime and you want £500 up front deposit  then call us   

What if I get Emails asking for money  Recycle Emails and save the planet

Find us customers And get free Time on your Website ! Or more !

Our customers Get discounts on one or more websites

Support For Beginners If websites are new to you - your in safe hands once you have one of our websites we make sure you know to use it - we explain how it works, options and future developments

Upgrade any time All our customers can add pages and facilities as they go along this costs money

Sun … Go to Spain nice and warm  

CAN I…….

CLOSE …. my website …. Just call

Change my website name …. This costs money - not expensive

DIVERT my website to another website ….. Yes !

Add extra Internet names to my website …. At any time

UPGRADE … from a simple make over to make it look different to adding extra pages get confused with technical problems and spend loads more money …. No….. we make things easy and simple

ABROAD …move my website to another country … yes you can but it wont make any difference all website are worldwide anyway

SELL … my website to another person - yes !

PUT MY WEBSITE ON HOLIDAY …. Yes you can, hosting time suspended and you still keep what you have but you will be responsible for  domain renewal at the time usually about £10 look at your paper work carefully

EXTRA PAGES  …..If you have a website built from standard pages add extra pages from  £30 … easy - just call

TRANSFER OUT …  You can at any time transfer to another web service provider or web designer,  we dont mind - call us Your website belongs to  you … not us  For .co.uk websites its easy and fast For .com its a little harder and there maybe time and date restrictions If you transfer then you contact  your new service provider for all problems and facilities We need permission from you direct  - We need details from your new service transfer is a final step …