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WHAT IS HOSTING ? …. The space your website is using on internet

WHAT IS A DOMAIN ?…. Your website name  eg www.fred.co.uk  

YEARLY COST ??? ….. Domains and hosting have to be updated yearly and renewed if not                                          your website will close down by itself ..yearly cost for most people £55  

REMINDERS  … Its up to you to renew your website

HOW DO I COME UP FIRST ON GOOGLE ?…Buy a search account on google contact them direct

1 - All websites renew every year or you may lose your public website name renewals are usually      £55 per year depending on maintenance costs,  prices may increase,  If you dont renew the Internet      system will close your website down automatically

2 - We register your website on Google - this is free    

3 - Make sure the pictures you supply are legal to use on your website

4 - Law  - websites must display a trading address this is your responsibility to make sure its correct

5 - Be aware that Government agencies can shut websites down for reasons of Crime or false address

     these matters are not our responsibility once this happens we cant change website names

6 - Upgrades - charged at cost,  extra standard pages £30

7  - Business address change …Free

8 - Change to a different name charged at cost + 1 year hosting

9 - Email keep your password safe

10 - Calling us : - use your password without ID nothing will happen

11 - Transfer out  - contact us    

12 - We may use other companies for maintenance / hosting …at that time you will be        contacted